Yeah, I know we are supposed to hang on to our dreams, that when your dreams die, it’s the beginning of the end, etc. Yesterday at five a.m., I woke with a rare epiphany that I had some dreams that needed to die. I have had these dreams so long that they are hindering me from being the person I truly am if I had a clue who the hell that is. So here are some dreams I am killing in no particular order:

  • I am never going to be an archaeologist(hey! I spelled it correctly). I been holding on to this one since freshman year in college when I decided to major in theater instead, and even into my junior year when I changed my major to English. Hopefully, one day, I will volunteer on a dig and get it out of my system.
  • I am never going to play the piano, or any other instrument for that matter. I have tried the harmonica, guitar, recorder(yeah, I know), and oh how I have tried the piano. My right hand is wondrous but my left is for shit.
  • I am never going to change the world. I have been known to jump on a band wagon or two if I get bent out of shape enough, but the truth is, I am too lazy.
  • I am never going to be a famous actress.See above reference to junior year of college.
  • I will never write a novel, but I love to read them.
  • I will never be able to stop using the passive voice when writing. Hell, most of the time, I even speak that way. Four years of seeing my beautiful research papers ruined by red ink did not change that.
  • I will never remember the proper use of a semi-colon. See above. I just want to go ahead and throw that out there. Be warned. You will see some shocking grammatical errors here. You will know that on that day, as on this one, I am too lazy to visit Grammar Girl.
  • I will never travel the world. I don’t have the money and don’t foresee any fortune coming my way. I seem to be unable to save for any length of time. Flight is not as much fun as it used to be; hell, it’s not fun at all anymore. Patience is required for travel by ship and I have NONE of that remaining and my passport just expired.
  • I will never be totally comfortable in my own skin nor will I be totally comfortable in anyone else’s.
  • I will never be totally happy while living with a man, even though I live with a good one.
Now that these pesky dreams are out of the way, maybe I can move on and make that shrimp dip my esso is waiting on.
 “I dreamed a thousand new paths. . . I woke and walked my old one.” Chinese Proverb

About rolling my eyes at the world

Gulf Coast Summer Loving, 50ish, Unapologetic Yellow Dog Democrat
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  1. Eletha Jane says:

    I guess it is time for me to admit I am never going to be an archaeologist or actress either. I do find it ironic that you and I both majored in three of the same things at some point – anthropolgy was by far my favorite, but I really would have liked to have been an actress – who knew it was so much work!

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