This? This? This is how they spend their time? This is how they represent us? Is this a concern for any Mississippian you know?


Personally, I prefer the Gulf of Mexico to be known as the Gulf of Mexico.

UPDATE: He is now claiming it was a joke, mocking strict immigration bills. I get it…NOW. The problem is that most people outside of Mississippi will never hear that “I was only joking” part and will continue to make remarks online like “Just call it the Gulf of The Confederacy and let the south secede and take it with them! Good riddance to the moochers!” AND “Since it only touches on our Deep South states, how about “Gulf of Obesity and Ignorance”? Someone should tell Steve Holland this may not be the best political climate in which to introduce satire into legislative proposal.


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  1. Eletha Jane Jenkins says:

    I did read the story about the renaming on MSN but I have not seen a word about it being a joke – I am also really glad to know that with all the problems we have in Mississippi our legislators have time to introduce “jokes”!

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