Books make me happy. Flowers make me happy.  The ocean makes me happy.  The sun makes me happy.  Summer makes me happy. Football makes me happy. Halloween makes me happy. Mardi Gras makes me happy.This baby makes me happiest.

She smiles a lot, she hugs me a lot, she gets such a kick out of life, she is goofy, she can NOT be still, she loves to dance,  and she loves ME no matter what. She and I went to eat dinner last night and as she was chattering away, I thought,”Look at this little human being who wasn’t here 26 months ago. How lucky I am”!

PS, yes I did skip yesterday’s assignment. It was self-portrait and uh-uh, not going there. The internet is forever.

About rolling my eyes at the world

Gulf Coast Summer Loving, 50ish, Unapologetic Yellow Dog Democrat
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