OK, I will get this out of the way.

This has not been an easy weekend for Saints fans and it’s only going to get worse. Obviously, there was a rule and obviously, they broke it. No matter that probably every other team does this, it was against the rules, the Saints were caught, and the organization will pay a high price as an example.

I am a little puzzled on who may have collected on such a bounty this past season because I don’t remember any big hits out of the defense. The were mediocre at best and I doubt that a bounty was much on their minds as they were busy just trying to avoid annihilation themselves.

I truly did have my head in the sand and had no idea how many Saints haters are out there, but I can understand why and is the fault of the media. It has been going on 7 years since Hurricane Katrina and in every single game played since then, sportscasters have trotted out the word Katrina multiple times. Hell, at my house we take bets on how many times we will hear the word during the game.(I suspect it is a drinking game in younger households) If I lived through it and I am sick of hearing it, I can only imagine what say a Dallas Cowboys or Atlanta Falcons fan must feel. The league will do what they do and the organization will act accordingly and keep on keeping on. Every prediction going around and around and around this weekend is no more than speculation. Yes, I am a huge WHO DAT and have never been ashamed of it and never will be. The team will come back from this stronger and wiser and more determined.

Opposing teams would do well to remember this is an organization that knows how to be an underdog and thrives on adversity.

Yes these are my shoes.  I wear them often. 

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