Moving is not conducive to writing nor reading. Moving is all-consuming and will empty out your bank account quicker than a con artist promising millions.

The worst thing about this particular move was that I wasn’t moving an entire household so I had to buy things like towels, furniture, lamps, forks, spoons, knives, mop, broom…the list is seemingly endless. I figured buying the large items like furniture into my budget but never thought about all the small things and those small things probably cost me an extra $3000. Ouch.

I have been to Dollar General countless times, so many that I refuse to go back anytime soon. It has become embarrassing to walk in the door. I say things like, “Morning! How are you ladies today?” then proceed to fill my basket with things like tinfoil and soap because I forgot them on my last trip.  Approximately $100 and several heavy sighs later, I am out the door. This went on for days and days. I am tired, people.

Friends keep asking me if I am having a house-warming party and my initial reaction is usually horror. All these people in my house insisting on bringing things I don’t need? No thank you.

Of course there eventually came the evening after too much wine that I decided why not? I can register at Wal-Mart and this is what the list will look like:

  1. Toilet paper                                 
  2.  Kitchen rug
  3.  Mach 3 razor
  4.  Ziplock bags 
  5.  Potting soil
  6.  Full length mirrors
  7.  Double-A batteries
  8.  Plate hanger
  9.  Light Bulbs
  10.  WD-40

Now, I have blogs to read.

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Gulf Coast Summer Loving, 50ish, Unapologetic Yellow Dog Democrat
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